About Us - Rukini
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About Us

We are Rukini

At Rukini, we strive to meet your needs in a way that exceeds your standards for luxury, style and functionality.

Rukini founded in 2011. the vision of Rukini was simple, build a company that focuses on the customer experience by continuously raising the bar in innovation, design and customer satisfaction. The challenge was to keep pricing competitive and quality high. Today, Rukini stands at the forefront of affordable, intelligent design in this industry.

Commitment to Quality and Reliability

At Rukini, we firmly believe that quality and reliability ensure a future.

Continuous exploration helps us stay on the cutting edge, but we are motivated by our desire to bring you dependable, state-of-the-art technology. Rukini carries out rigorous and thorough tests before any product enters the market. This is vitally important in highly regulated, safety-oriented sectors such as portable wall adapters and power banks, where failure is simply not an option.

We have continuously made excellent and reliable products that seamlessly integrate into your life. Every breakthrough we’ve made means a more enjoyable experience for you.

We will aggressively move forward and become the leading brand of portable technology products across the globe.